Wednesday, April 1, 2009


as usual, today's microteaching went 'well'. having us (especially me) had made the lesson 'worked' according to the plan.hehe..
i'd no idea what has got into me. i was super duper hyperactive.perhaps bcoz i was too tired n sleepy. in order to get rid of these two 'imposters',i had to act that way. sori guys..
for my classmates,these are my messages for u guys..

tatie - simple microteaching. i like making 'weee...' sound
niza - good + nice microteaching
tajul - i'm learning to 'shut down' myself using my hp's keypad.hehe
nadiah, sya, rehan n jah - control ur pitching when saying 'ooo..'
ella - get well soon
nad - i was sleepy, i understand ur situation
nazri - sori, i thought u were sitting when u wanted to read ur answers.hehe
adib - log off..change user
jazlan - be more co-operative
jenny - u r so brilliant
amal - it's good to be with u in the same grup.huhu
syud - yes, my mulut is so 'longkang'.hehe
wan - let's go karaoke 2moro
aimi - slamat ari silap..happy deepavali..salah lg..hepi chap goh mei..tukar2..yg ni bru btol > merry christmas.haha