Monday, August 31, 2009


tiap2 tahun kalau org tanya pasal merdeka, jawapan mesti sama, BEBAS daripada penjajahan; tak kira la fizikal @ mental. dah jadi cliché r. ape2 pun, aku BANGGA jadi anak Malaysia. sbg seorg yg mempelajari subjek SEJARAH kat sekolah dulu, nak aku btulkan ucapan2 segelintir masyarakat kita bila diorg asyik ucap (especially in English):

Happy Birthday Malaysia! @ Selamat Ulang Tahun, Malaysia!
(dgn muke bangga.huh!)

excuse me! tak blajo sejarah kat skolah?

Malaysia was 'born' on 16th Septermber 1963. jd, mase 16 September nnt baru la sesuai nk ucap camtu. kalau 31 Ogos, cakap je:

Selamat Menyambut
Hari Kemerdekaan!

apo la susah amek?!

jadi, rakyat Malaysia sekalian, tolong r jgn ulang kesilapan yg sama. terima kaseh!

hanya membetulkan fakta

Friday, August 28, 2009

MïNgGú PëNùH KëG@GáLãN?

yes, it's holiday. i know. but not for me..
however i feel this week has yet given me any pleasure..

monday: came back from Kapar. should teach (home tuition). but it was cancelled. *i'd rather stay home if i knew earlier

tuesday: should finish my test paper for Ss (for AE as well). failed to do so. priority was given to movies.hehe..submitted prac journal with azzati to pn. hamidah..

wednesday: my home tuition student had a 'fever' all of sudden. tuition was cancelled again.

thursday: the day with the most number of 'kegagalan':
1. tuition. again cancelled. reason: one of my Ss had a toothache.*sigh*.
2. went to see miss munirah to ask for her approval (for my test paper) before i give to Ss. she said she needs to see my proposal first. *nape aku lupe nk wat dr awl? urgh!* spent a few hours after terawikh to finish the first chapter and half of chapter 3..
3. paid maintenance + water bill. *bleh plak akak tu xde duit pcah. aku r kne g pcahkan duit tu.naseb baek akak tu chanteq*

friday: at the time of writing, none of 'kegagalan' seemed to appear. hopefully, it won't .huhu..

*ibu, anakmu pulang esok.yes! mkn masakan bonda setelah 4 ari mkn masakan sndiri..*

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

$ï PëMíL!H..

telah berkata akal kepada si pemilih,
jangan ingatkan, apakah kau diingati,
jangan hendakkan, apakah kau dikehendaki?

si pemilih terlupa pada hati,
mungkin kerana terlalu pahit untuk diingati,
apakah tidak terlalu lambat untuk ini?
si pemilih bertanya sendiri,

akal selama ini terkunci,
kerana jiwa mengikut hati,
akal terkunci sepi,
mungkin salah, mungkin benar.. tidak pasti

kata orang,
ikut hati mati,
ikut rasa binasa,

ikut akal?

kenapa tidak dari dulu?

kitalah si pemilih

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's äLmÖ$t óVèR..

it's been a while (like 3 months?) since i wrote an entry for this blog. too busy with practicum would be my 1 & only excuse for not updating this dull blog..
there were so many things happened in the past few months that i can't tell all of them. practicum really teaches me what the real world is (sounds like si tenggang's homecoming, doesn't it?)
throughout practicum + being placed in Chinese school makes me realize the things i had overlooked before this.

things i learnt:
1) most of the theories given by seniors for practicum are not all applicable. you need to try them out first. the first two weeks of teaching was really a 'teacher' for me and i got to know my Ss better.

2) my friends & and i who have been placed at this school are really fortunate, i mean lucky as we get full cooperation from the administration of the school.

3) i am now more confident to speak (or should i say use) English in my daily life even though i know it's not as good as my friends'.

4) 1 Malaysia concept is really being practiced in the school and i'm sure our PM must be proud of it (if only he knows the exicstence of the school since it's very small) *i'm not going to be sued/prosecuted for writing this, am i?

5) your Ss are gonna like (and love) you more if you manage to prove that your lessons are more enjoyable than their permanent teachers. (most of my students beg me not to leave i that good? *bragging.huhu..)

6) there are many types of friends:
  • the one that really there when you need someone to talk to
  • the one that uses (or manipulates) you as they only remember (and realize your existence) when they are in desperate situation.
  • the one that you can never call even as a 'friend'
  • the one that never been there (even though you're hoping the person is there)
  • the one who still remember you and wants to share their problems as you share yours (thanks Wan.really appreciate it)
7) teachers at Chinese school bother more about their works and never looked at us head to toe as if we are committing any sins or wearing a clown suit. they are willing to give full cooperation if you need any help. and i like this very much.

thanks to all Teachers, Staffs as well as Administration of SMJK Chung Hwa, Klang..