Thursday, July 31, 2008

pErLaWaNäñ BoLá TaMpàR (WaNiTa) ===> FaKuLtí PeNdïDïKaN vs. FaKuLtì AkAüN..

Sukan Antara Fakulti (SAF)
Volleyball Match (Female)
Time: 8.30 p.m
Venue: Volleyball Court, UiTM Main Campus..

faculty of education lost 2-0 to the faculty of accountancy. the game started well for the fac. of edu but half of the first set, the opposition started 'to control' the ball and the match..
there will be another match this saturday for the same match and i pray for our victory. go Fac of EDU..
may we become the Champion for the SAF. Amin..

kEhEbAtAn TeKnöLòGi & KeLeMbApÄn MaNuSiÀ bEkëRjA..

i went to the Muslim Bank (i bet u know which bank) as soon as my class finished - accompanied by the very patient Nazri. i went to the info counter and told the worker that i need to collect new my ATM card. i lost the old one on Sunday (20th July) and reported it on the next day. she told me last week that the latest date i would be able to collect my new ATM card is on last Monday (28th July). due to my very pack schedule (huhu..), i only managed to collect it yesterday (Wednesday, 30th July).therefore, th worker at the info counter asked me to take my number and WAIT until my number is called. 1352 - the very unlucky number and i don't think you should buy this number if you are to buy 4D.the current number was 1317.thus, i need to wait for the other 35 very loyal customer of the bank to be entertained before they can actually give half of my soul back (my ATM card)..
Satu Tiga Lima Dua - Kaunter 1..
After waiting for about half an hour (lucky me,that many of them left the bank before they were entertained). impatiently,i went to the counter 1 and start telling the 'kakak' my sad story. she checked my status on the computer and told me that "org Kuantan tak reply lagi la adik.diorang ni memang kadang-kadang camni.lembab sikit." sikit? itu lembab gile nak mampos (quoted from nazz J). later,she asked me to wait for about 8 minutes - waiting for the Kuantan branch to reply the red and important e-mail that had been sent. i opened my account in, they need to get the confirmation from Kuantan branch before proceed with my new ATM card.
15 minutes later..
I was called by the 'kakak' and she told me the most tragic story of the day - the branch still did NOT reply the e-mail. i was so angry and upset and start saying #$%^& things (not in front of her.hehe..) she was mad too. i told the very nice 'kakak' that i will come again today.maybe after class. she gave me three forms to be filled and given to her today.good news is, i don't have to queue and wait for my number to be called. Alhamdulillah..
I do really hope everything will be OK. Amin..

aPa JaDi PaDa HaRi RaBü?

wednesday, 30th July 2008. my day started as i woke up at 9.30a.m - right after i received message from wan nurul asking for my consultation (huhu..) whether she should come to the classes for today. well, as an expert in the field of presenting myself to class, i advised her not to come.hehe..
as soon as i entered the very first class,a permanent resident of the north pole, pingu (according to nazri) was busy doing his presentation though more than half of the class (i believed) including me did not pay any attention towards what he was presenting.sorry,'s normal and we are used to it.hehe..(that is the main reason of no one asking any questions after the presentation)
then, we had our literature class.poem of the day, woman work by maya angelou(1928) - straightforward, understandable and no further assignment was assigned based on this poem (this is the most important part)..
the class ended @ 1.33p.m and we live happily (not ever after,unfortunately) for the rest of the day since there was no class in the evening..

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SeLaMaT dAtAnG kE bLoG pErÏbAdÍkÜ == WeLcOmE tO mY bLöG == Ahlan Wasahlan..

Selamat Datang..
Ahlan Wasahlan..

Akhirnye,ada jugak blog peribadi aku sendiri. Sebenarnye,dah lame bukak akaun ngan blogspot ni, tp baru dapat 'seru' nak tulis isi dalam blog ni..
Should I write this blog in Malay, English @ Arabic language (haha..bajet tere Arab)? Well, I do think that by mixing the language will make this blog interesting. It's my blog, anyway.So, wHo CaReS??!!huhu..

{blog ini dibuat atas sebab mengisi masa lapang dan dlm masa yg sama, membaiki teknik penulisan.. =) }