Friday, November 14, 2008

MïNgGú YäNg MéNyÈrÖñÕkKáN..

sangat menyeronokkan..
that's the only word for this week. i got a new lover (guess what.huhu..), i have my last paper, my brother's wedding ceremony,i got part time job.all those things fall on this week. Syukur..
since today is our last paper, we're gonna have an 6 week holiday before the new semester starts on Dec 29th. my housemates n i went for a so-called interview yesterday. we'll start our part time job as data entry starting next Wednesday.can't wait for my own 'gaji' (oopps.. ter'code-mixing' plak)

to all my frens, i am inviting all of u to my brother's wedding ceremony tomorrow.

time: 12p.m - 4p.m
No.7, Jalan Harapan 5-O/KU7, Taman Sungai Kapar Indah,
42200 Kapar, Selangor.
menu: nasi minyak pun knduri kawen..

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tag Mengetag..

tagged by NIZA SYAZRE

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.* The 5 people I tag are then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

1. I am talkative (xyah ckp pun, org tau)

2. I love to eat. (ade org x caye fakta nih..)

3. Singing in the toilet is something that I HAVE to do. otherwise my toilet bowl will cry.huhu. (xcaye, dtg r umah..)

4. I love the smell of something new..(cam brg2 yg bru beli kat kedai tu.gile,kan?)

5. I rather sleep at home than to accompany any woman for a shopping.

6. Sometimes, I do 'melatah'. diulangi, sometimes @ kadang2.. (aku sje je wat kdg2 tu, niza..)

7. My current fav. song is Apa Artinya Cinta by Melly & Ari Lasso n Kita by Nieyl..

8. I'm a quite sensitive human being..(kdg2 cpat sentap)

9. I love cooking, but I hate wahing dishes..

10. I truly, madly, deeply in love with my 2 cute nephews. I'd rather sacrifice my life for them..

11. I spend most of my time - surfing the net..

12. I don't play video & pc games..(dah tuo.x layan bndo2 camtu dah..)

13. I wish to become a PM one day..(statement camni, x kna ISA kan?)

14.Teaching is my passion..(you'll know once u become a teacher..)

15. My favourite artist is Amy Mastura..(smpi mati aku xkan ubh pndirian..)

The tagged blogger,

Who To Tag?

Tatie (Tatiana gleme tatie yg aku sorg kasi..)
2. Izlin
3. Duang @ Ridzuan
4. Shafie @ Pie
5. Kak Aisyah Ishak

KëMéRdÈKãAn Yg SéMëNtÃrÁ..

it's been a while since i updated this very plain blog.let's figure out the problem..
CAUSE: Assignments
EFFECTS: blog was left out-dated, body got less rest, eyes - less close, open more.
CONSEQUENCE: mad, sleepy, hungry & almost dies.huhu..
but now..
everything's done. all assignments had been submitted. there's nothing else to worry about except for exam. damn it!
it's ok. my next paper, Arabic Lg. 3 is on Monday the 10th. 7days from now and my very last paper, Sociolinguistics is on Friday the 14th. phew! just a day before my brother's wedding ceremony. i am so lucky..

moral of the story: do not procrastinate.start your assignments earlier..
story that always comes with the moral: i'm damn so lazy. we can wait until at the end of the sem to finish them off.hehe..
to my juniors: please do start your research proposal earlier. if u don't, u'll cry.huhu..