Monday, December 21, 2009

JïN NóTt!

first of all, i'm not a good movie reviewer.i just feel like writing about this movie (Jin Notti) which i have just downloaded & watched on my snail-ram-laptop.this is not really a movie review,it's more like a 'journal' after watching a movie and what can be shared from it..

some people might think that this movie is kinda crap and i believe most of those people who went to cinema for this movie were actually did that for the sake of watching Mawi & Fara Fauzana.well, they might have their own reasons and point of view..
as for me, i think this movie is full of social critiques. despite the fact that this movie is starred by two celebrities who led the main role, its storyline and lessons that lie beneath the dialogs are actually telling us human that: WE ARE WORSE THAN ALL THE JINS..

most of us (teenagers especially) are no longer respecting the adults, ignoring azan, becoming more realistic, selfish, commit stealing without guilty and cheating. all the characters acted by Fara Fauzana were actually a reminder to us that we did all the bad things without realizing it because we were too 'used' to it..

i can't write much since i've no idea how to express my thought and point of view in a written form. i really think this movie is full of messages, though. it's not a really must-watch film, but if you feel like 'waking up' yourself about reality in today's world in a very laid-back way, Jin Notti is the answer. i know it's too late to promote this movie, but you can always download or watch it online..

acting wise, i think Mawi really needs to learn more.he only looked confident doing the fighting scene (which he showed us his Silat Pukul Pelaga). Fara looked more relax and natural while the rest are quite unquestionable since they are talented actors (except for some extras.hehe..)
i'm not a good actor myself.the most important thing is to watch the movie and see how 'nice' the messages are brought up in the storyline..

*sebaik-baik jin adalah sejahat-jahat manusia*