Friday, February 26, 2010

Tugasan yang Bertubi-tubi..

tugasan a.k.a assignment yang banyak, maksudku terlalu banyak membuatkan mata ini menjadi berpinar-pinar (maksudnya ialah berpinar-pinar) usai menyudahkan 1 drpd jutaan tugasan itu. 4 jam penderitaan menghadap komputer riba a.k.a laptop untuk membuat tugasan telah membuatkan aku melihat semua orang seperti huruf. terasa seperti hidup dalam rancangan Word World. sila rujuk kepada saluran 613 di Astro.huhu..

Saturday, February 13, 2010


imperfect. that's the perfect word in defining human being. i'm sure + confident there's always a reason why we were created as imperfect creatures. Only Allah s.w.t is PERFECT..

we have NO right in perfecting others but we are encouraged to correct each other. there's nothing wrong in correcting mistake or listening to others. we are living in society, with people around us. you can never live on your own..

BUT, don't simply correct people around you without having the guts to listen on what people have to say about you. YOU are NOT perfect. WE are IMPERFECT. there's always good approaches/methods in communicating with others. don't ever wish @ think you are the only one deserve to judge + criticize + correct people. go to #el! !!!

written especially to 'them who think they're right'


this is more to self-reminder,actually. i've to put up this list of assignmentsssss on my blog so that i won't forget. *and so won't u..

EDU 630 (Prof. Dev):

Essay related to issues on teaching & learning (30%)
Deadline: Will be informed later by Pn. Rohaya
Length: 8 - 10pages
*More or less like Chapter 5 of AE

Presentation (20%)
Topic: Work Ethics
Date: Week 14 (12th April 2010)
Group Members: Wan Nurul Firdaus, Nur Syuhada' Ridzuan & Mohd Safarizan

EDU 646 (Current Issues in Edu):

Movie Review: Lions for Lambs (20%)
Deadline: 23rd February 2010
Length: 5 - 7pages

Mini Research (30%)
Topic: Will be discussed later with Ahmad Nazri. *You did suggest something, did u? I forgot.huhu..
Deadline: Will be informed later by Pn. Rohaya
Length: 8 - 10pages

Presentation (30%)
Topic: School Management
Date: Week 13 (6th April 2010)
Length: 8 - 10pages

Essay on any topics of Current Issues in Education (20%)
Deadline: Will be informed later..
Length: 5 - 7pages

TSL 641 (CALL):

Article Review (10%)
Deadline: 25th February 2010

WWW Lesson Plan (10% - LP, 5% - Presentation of LP)
Deadline: 19th March 2010

Designing ESL Courseware/Website (20%)
Deadline: 9th April 2010

TSL 651 (Young Adult & Children Lit.):

Presentation: Harry Potter (10% - Presentation, 20% - Write-up)
Date: 22nd February 2010

Creative Project (15%)
Deadline: Will be informed later by Pn. Izyani

TSL 652 (Women in Lit.)

Presentation: Witness (20%)
Date: 25th February 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Why? because i've sold ALL kerepekssss...

tomorrow > more cupcakes & brownies to sell

tonight > there's a creature named AE to be entertained.huhu.. (T___T) *boo..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dï MáNä Adá KëMàHúãN, Dí $!Tú Adä HIGHW@Y..

it's actually a tagline taken from a movie called Adnan Sempit. I went to see this movie last night with my friends. Believe me, it was full house, even though it had been showed for 22 days. I was quite surprise when I entered the cinema. It was like the first day of movie showing. Indeed, it was an achievement for a Malay movie. As u guys know, I'm not a movie critic nor a movie reviewer. I just wanna share my view on this movie. I saw the poster of this movie in Metro just now and it said 711,999 people has seen Adnan Sempit so far. It was a really 'Wow!' for me. I bet there must be something about this movie that we can rarely see in other movies (especially Malay movies):

i) no slapstick dialog. it was very relax & 'slumber'
ii) the storyline was not dragged away with stupid & unreasonable conflict
iii) the use of songs was effective
iv) good facial expressions (not all, but most of the actors did a great job)
v) not a typical rempit movie (so, parents can bring the whole family to come & catch the movie together)

for some reasons, I just feel the movie was very entertaining. I don't know why, but it really had the x-factor that perhaps other Malay movies did not have. this maybe not a winning award movie, but it was a worth 90minutes spend movie.

well, let's congratulate Ahmad Idham for his great success in making the movie. =D

a Malay movie fan