Saturday, February 13, 2010


imperfect. that's the perfect word in defining human being. i'm sure + confident there's always a reason why we were created as imperfect creatures. Only Allah s.w.t is PERFECT..

we have NO right in perfecting others but we are encouraged to correct each other. there's nothing wrong in correcting mistake or listening to others. we are living in society, with people around us. you can never live on your own..

BUT, don't simply correct people around you without having the guts to listen on what people have to say about you. YOU are NOT perfect. WE are IMPERFECT. there's always good approaches/methods in communicating with others. don't ever wish @ think you are the only one deserve to judge + criticize + correct people. go to #el! !!!

written especially to 'them who think they're right'

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