Sunday, April 18, 2010

tHéY àRé KíLLïNg Më..

i don't know why I write this entry. it just happened. I accidentally opened my blog & realized that my last entry was published on February 26. almost two months. now I know why I don't wanna be a reporter, journalist or whatsoever. huhu..

'they' in the title specially refers to the assignments left to be completed (3 more to be exact).
1. CIE - mini research (monday 19/4/2010) *thanks to wan who has politely requested Pn. Rohaya to postpone the deadline.
2. lovely AE (tuesday 20/4/2010) *must submit everything to the office by 30th. hard-bound copy, CD & forms.aish..~
3. PD - essay (friday 30/4/2010) *this assignment determine whether A is in your hand or is just out of your head.huhu..

so,an advanced congrats to myself.huhu..

*let's back to work.