Saturday, November 20, 2010

apew? x paham lew..

i just got irritated and annoyed whenever i saw anyone wrote that (especially in sms @ fb)..
it has now become a norm among kids and teenagers (aged 10-19). i really found it hard to comprehend the gist of their messages..
is it just me or the kids are now molded in that new style of writing? i just don't understand myself..
call me conservative, but i do really think it has more banes than boons. sometimes they just find it hard to distinguish between the real spelling with their new-created spelling. worst comes to worst, they would use 'their' spelling in exam. i had found so many in my students' essay..

maybe these kids just don't understand what SMS stands for. FYI, it stands for short message service which means you need to make your message short, simple yet comprehensible. i believe what they do is more to lengthening the words, i.e:

apa/ape => apew
je => jew
kah/ke => kew
siapa/sape => cpew
lah => lew
baru => bwu
cerita/cite => ctew

and the list goes on..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuhan tahu niat saya..

senang sangat nak cakap camtu. wat salah (yang berdosa),pastu cakap camtu. ramai artis kat Malaysia ni yang suka guna ayat ni. seronok diorang. bajet kalau cakap camtu nampak cam diorang tau hukum hakam agama. so, peminat2 tak la marah sangat. senangnya hidup..
semua yang diorang wat, seolah-olah ' dihalalkan' dengan ayat tu. yang baru ni, ada seorang artis perempuan botakkan rambut & cakap "tuhan tahu niat saya untuk memperjuangkan nilai seni"..
senang hati dia cakap camtu.sambil tersenyum sipu. nasib baek dia kalah masa festival filem baru ni.haha..
kalau camtu, apa guna diturunkan Al-Quran dan hadis yang Rasulullah s.a.w tinggalkan? apa guna hukum-hakam agama? kalau camtu gak,bolehlah aku wat jahat kat sape2 & cakap "xpe,tuhan tau niat saya wat camtu.." senang hidop!
lebih kurang sama gak kisah seorang lagi artis yang cakap "saya tak bukak aurat pun"..bijak laksana sungguh yang seorang ni walaupun dia pakai mini skirt je masa wat show..
kesimpulannya, artis Malaysia memang x boleh dijadikan contoh langsung. masa Wardina cakap camni dulu, ramai artis melenting. x setuju. tapi memang betol pun. tapi x boleh nak tulis lebih2,nanti kena saman pulak.huhu.. *hak kebebasan bersuara (la sangat..)
sedih,kan? xpe, Tuhan tahu niat saya tulis entri ni..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

konfrontasi & berterus terang

it's been a while since i wrote my last entry. i know, but the workload and FB really stopped me form blogging. plus, there's nothing much for me to blog about. i believe people's eye rarely drop by at my blog wasting reading 'the nothingness' in here..

confrontation - a word that might scare some of us (the guilty one,perhaps) but reveals the whole truth..

why is it important? - so that everyone would know what and how to correct and where to begin (the correction). but somehow, people would rather hide behind their own shadow; pretending nothing happens and ignore those who are involved. how on earth do you expect things to be back to normal if u are afraid of confrontation? *chicken?

why do some people afraid of confrontation? - because they are GUILTY. because they do not want to be BLAMED. because they are STUPID and because they don't want to fix the problems. running away from it is not helpful, not at all. trust me..

berterus-terang - ramai orang takut nak b'terus-terang sbb diorg tak terus & tak terang. they might not have enough guts to do this. kesian, ape gune ade akal kalau tak guna. lebih baik terus terang drpd gunakan FB dan blog jadi senjata. kesian. baik jadi bisu..

i'm not using this blog as my weapon, but i'm just curious. i don't think i've problems with anyone. thus, if i do - please LET ME KNOW!

jadi,kalau da tetibe korang hilang kawan sbab dia takut ngan konfrontasi (skema sungguh) terpakse r korang terima. tapi, kalau hilang kawan jenis camtu, TAK RUGI langsung kot. kalau kita betul, 1 pergi, 10 mari. one day, people would see that person's true colour..

*patut r tatie namakan blog dia konfrontasi tatie. baru aku paham apa yang dia rasa.hehe..

Saturday, July 31, 2010

chicken & ducks..

ever heard of Malay saying 'macam ayam ngan itik bercakap'. that is what always happens in my class, especially for BEL 011. and if any of them reading this, yes, i'm referring to you. it's so funny sometimes when i asked them in English, they would reply in Malay (with their state dialects, of course. luckily I could still understand it). i'm too tired of asking them to use English in my class. luckily there are still some of them who really try and make an effort to speak in English..


*in the process of downloading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. hopefully this movie would help reducing my stress..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

tHéY àRé KíLLïNg Më..

i don't know why I write this entry. it just happened. I accidentally opened my blog & realized that my last entry was published on February 26. almost two months. now I know why I don't wanna be a reporter, journalist or whatsoever. huhu..

'they' in the title specially refers to the assignments left to be completed (3 more to be exact).
1. CIE - mini research (monday 19/4/2010) *thanks to wan who has politely requested Pn. Rohaya to postpone the deadline.
2. lovely AE (tuesday 20/4/2010) *must submit everything to the office by 30th. hard-bound copy, CD & forms.aish..~
3. PD - essay (friday 30/4/2010) *this assignment determine whether A is in your hand or is just out of your head.huhu..

so,an advanced congrats to myself.huhu..

*let's back to work.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tugasan yang Bertubi-tubi..

tugasan a.k.a assignment yang banyak, maksudku terlalu banyak membuatkan mata ini menjadi berpinar-pinar (maksudnya ialah berpinar-pinar) usai menyudahkan 1 drpd jutaan tugasan itu. 4 jam penderitaan menghadap komputer riba a.k.a laptop untuk membuat tugasan telah membuatkan aku melihat semua orang seperti huruf. terasa seperti hidup dalam rancangan Word World. sila rujuk kepada saluran 613 di Astro.huhu..

Saturday, February 13, 2010


imperfect. that's the perfect word in defining human being. i'm sure + confident there's always a reason why we were created as imperfect creatures. Only Allah s.w.t is PERFECT..

we have NO right in perfecting others but we are encouraged to correct each other. there's nothing wrong in correcting mistake or listening to others. we are living in society, with people around us. you can never live on your own..

BUT, don't simply correct people around you without having the guts to listen on what people have to say about you. YOU are NOT perfect. WE are IMPERFECT. there's always good approaches/methods in communicating with others. don't ever wish @ think you are the only one deserve to judge + criticize + correct people. go to #el! !!!

written especially to 'them who think they're right'