Saturday, November 20, 2010

apew? x paham lew..

i just got irritated and annoyed whenever i saw anyone wrote that (especially in sms @ fb)..
it has now become a norm among kids and teenagers (aged 10-19). i really found it hard to comprehend the gist of their messages..
is it just me or the kids are now molded in that new style of writing? i just don't understand myself..
call me conservative, but i do really think it has more banes than boons. sometimes they just find it hard to distinguish between the real spelling with their new-created spelling. worst comes to worst, they would use 'their' spelling in exam. i had found so many in my students' essay..

maybe these kids just don't understand what SMS stands for. FYI, it stands for short message service which means you need to make your message short, simple yet comprehensible. i believe what they do is more to lengthening the words, i.e:

apa/ape => apew
je => jew
kah/ke => kew
siapa/sape => cpew
lah => lew
baru => bwu
cerita/cite => ctew

and the list goes on..

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