Thursday, November 4, 2010

konfrontasi & berterus terang

it's been a while since i wrote my last entry. i know, but the workload and FB really stopped me form blogging. plus, there's nothing much for me to blog about. i believe people's eye rarely drop by at my blog wasting reading 'the nothingness' in here..

confrontation - a word that might scare some of us (the guilty one,perhaps) but reveals the whole truth..

why is it important? - so that everyone would know what and how to correct and where to begin (the correction). but somehow, people would rather hide behind their own shadow; pretending nothing happens and ignore those who are involved. how on earth do you expect things to be back to normal if u are afraid of confrontation? *chicken?

why do some people afraid of confrontation? - because they are GUILTY. because they do not want to be BLAMED. because they are STUPID and because they don't want to fix the problems. running away from it is not helpful, not at all. trust me..

berterus-terang - ramai orang takut nak b'terus-terang sbb diorg tak terus & tak terang. they might not have enough guts to do this. kesian, ape gune ade akal kalau tak guna. lebih baik terus terang drpd gunakan FB dan blog jadi senjata. kesian. baik jadi bisu..

i'm not using this blog as my weapon, but i'm just curious. i don't think i've problems with anyone. thus, if i do - please LET ME KNOW!

jadi,kalau da tetibe korang hilang kawan sbab dia takut ngan konfrontasi (skema sungguh) terpakse r korang terima. tapi, kalau hilang kawan jenis camtu, TAK RUGI langsung kot. kalau kita betul, 1 pergi, 10 mari. one day, people would see that person's true colour..

*patut r tatie namakan blog dia konfrontasi tatie. baru aku paham apa yang dia rasa.hehe..


Tatie Sharil said...

SO SWEET to actually acknowledge me here. i know you miss me. :)

yes, we shouldnt run away from confrontations. we hate it, true. but running away will not solve anything.

anyhow, can't wait to see you on the 22nd or if not, 30th! we sure will meet E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. so some people sure can't run away from confrontations, yes? IF there is any. haha.

take care hun!

aku firhan.. said...

really hope to see all of u too on the 22nd & 30th..

well,may be for that 'some people',running away is the best answer as their stupid mind believes the problems can just disappear on its own..