Monday, December 21, 2009

JïN NóTt!

first of all, i'm not a good movie reviewer.i just feel like writing about this movie (Jin Notti) which i have just downloaded & watched on my snail-ram-laptop.this is not really a movie review,it's more like a 'journal' after watching a movie and what can be shared from it..

some people might think that this movie is kinda crap and i believe most of those people who went to cinema for this movie were actually did that for the sake of watching Mawi & Fara Fauzana.well, they might have their own reasons and point of view..
as for me, i think this movie is full of social critiques. despite the fact that this movie is starred by two celebrities who led the main role, its storyline and lessons that lie beneath the dialogs are actually telling us human that: WE ARE WORSE THAN ALL THE JINS..

most of us (teenagers especially) are no longer respecting the adults, ignoring azan, becoming more realistic, selfish, commit stealing without guilty and cheating. all the characters acted by Fara Fauzana were actually a reminder to us that we did all the bad things without realizing it because we were too 'used' to it..

i can't write much since i've no idea how to express my thought and point of view in a written form. i really think this movie is full of messages, though. it's not a really must-watch film, but if you feel like 'waking up' yourself about reality in today's world in a very laid-back way, Jin Notti is the answer. i know it's too late to promote this movie, but you can always download or watch it online..

acting wise, i think Mawi really needs to learn more.he only looked confident doing the fighting scene (which he showed us his Silat Pukul Pelaga). Fara looked more relax and natural while the rest are quite unquestionable since they are talented actors (except for some extras.hehe..)
i'm not a good actor myself.the most important thing is to watch the movie and see how 'nice' the messages are brought up in the storyline..

*sebaik-baik jin adalah sejahat-jahat manusia*

Sunday, November 29, 2009

~BüK@N úL$éR b!äSè~

Bukan Ulser Biasa (Sila nyanyi ikut rentak lagu Bukan Cinta Biasa - Dato' Siti Nurhaliza)

begitu banyak cerita
aku dengar mengenainya
cerita yang ingin ku tulis
bukanlah ulser biasa

dua nama yang berbeza
bawa maksud yang sama
chickenpox atau pun campak
dua2 aku nak elak

ulser ku bukan ulser biasa
patutlah tak sembuh2 juga
dah bubuh bonjela
kemam ais pun sudah
kebas mulut ku tidak terkata

andai dapatku ulang semula
biar masa kecik saja ku kena
bila dah besar
rasa tak selesa
kalau masa kecik mak bapak aku yang jaga

tapi apakan lah daya
kuasa Tuhan segalanya
ku hanya berserah saja
moga cepat sembuh, ku berdoa..

ulang chorus

to all the readers, please pray for me too.thanks.may Allah bless with u guys..
p/s: i'm bald now.huhu..

yang berdoa

Friday, October 2, 2009

JöM SéMüA! JëMpÚt.. JèMpÙt..

salam.. terdapat sedikit pindaan pada jamuan rumah terbuka ari sabtu ni. mula kol 2.30 ptg, bkn 1ptg. jemput datang ye..


assalamualaikum w.b.t.

saya dgn ini ingin menjemput anda yg sdg membaca blog ini utk hadir ke majlis Rumah Terbuka di rumah saya. segala butir2 terperinci mengenainya adalah seperti di bawah (sungguh skem ayat aku):

Tarikh: 10 OKTOBER 2009
Masa: Bermula jam 2.30 petang..
Tempat: No. 7, Jalan Harapan 5-O/KU7, Taman Sg. Kapar Indah,
42200 Kapar, Selangor DE..

jemput dtg ye. ajak r skali org umah. jgn malu jgn segan..

menjemput dgn ikhlas

Monday, September 28, 2009

سلامت هاري راي عيدالفطري معاف ظاهير دان باطين

for those who can't read Jawi, it means:
"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin"

well, this raya taught me how to be more independent..

it started on the 3rd raya when i went to Penang (from Tem
erloh) by MYSELF (for my friends' engagement). (bangga sungguh diri ini. *sangat mem'BRAG'kan diri.huhu..)
there, i slept at a cheap hotel and had a 'well-taught' experience (i guess)..

on the fifth raya, i went back to my father's kampung. on my way, i dropped by at Hani Laily's house. i really really really had to spend my night there. i had a headache. thanks to her family, her mom especially for a very great hospitality. wish to go there again..

on friday - sunday, my family raya sakan since on the first 3 days f raya, all of my brothers went back to their parents-in-laws'.

it was a very memorable experience..

an experience sharer

Saturday, September 5, 2009

and it's over..

yesterday was our very last day of practicum. well, as most of my friends felt (or still feel), i was feeling sad as well. leaving them was just like saying good bye to your loved one (wasn't it?)
however, we were treated just like celebrities ysterday. one step moved, a crowd of students came to take pictures. i didn't even have no time to take pictures with the administrator and other staffs since i was very busy entertaining them.
i got presents from them and i gave them presents as well. they were just a simple one, yet meaningful as my friends and i wrapped them ourselves. i've uploaded the pics on my FB account..
wish could stay longer, especially with my 4D class..

really gonna miss all of them

Monday, August 31, 2009


tiap2 tahun kalau org tanya pasal merdeka, jawapan mesti sama, BEBAS daripada penjajahan; tak kira la fizikal @ mental. dah jadi cliché r. ape2 pun, aku BANGGA jadi anak Malaysia. sbg seorg yg mempelajari subjek SEJARAH kat sekolah dulu, nak aku btulkan ucapan2 segelintir masyarakat kita bila diorg asyik ucap (especially in English):

Happy Birthday Malaysia! @ Selamat Ulang Tahun, Malaysia!
(dgn muke bangga.huh!)

excuse me! tak blajo sejarah kat skolah?

Malaysia was 'born' on 16th Septermber 1963. jd, mase 16 September nnt baru la sesuai nk ucap camtu. kalau 31 Ogos, cakap je:

Selamat Menyambut
Hari Kemerdekaan!

apo la susah amek?!

jadi, rakyat Malaysia sekalian, tolong r jgn ulang kesilapan yg sama. terima kaseh!

hanya membetulkan fakta

Friday, August 28, 2009

MïNgGú PëNùH KëG@GáLãN?

yes, it's holiday. i know. but not for me..
however i feel this week has yet given me any pleasure..

monday: came back from Kapar. should teach (home tuition). but it was cancelled. *i'd rather stay home if i knew earlier

tuesday: should finish my test paper for Ss (for AE as well). failed to do so. priority was given to movies.hehe..submitted prac journal with azzati to pn. hamidah..

wednesday: my home tuition student had a 'fever' all of sudden. tuition was cancelled again.

thursday: the day with the most number of 'kegagalan':
1. tuition. again cancelled. reason: one of my Ss had a toothache.*sigh*.
2. went to see miss munirah to ask for her approval (for my test paper) before i give to Ss. she said she needs to see my proposal first. *nape aku lupe nk wat dr awl? urgh!* spent a few hours after terawikh to finish the first chapter and half of chapter 3..
3. paid maintenance + water bill. *bleh plak akak tu xde duit pcah. aku r kne g pcahkan duit tu.naseb baek akak tu chanteq*

friday: at the time of writing, none of 'kegagalan' seemed to appear. hopefully, it won't .huhu..

*ibu, anakmu pulang esok.yes! mkn masakan bonda setelah 4 ari mkn masakan sndiri..*

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

$ï PëMíL!H..

telah berkata akal kepada si pemilih,
jangan ingatkan, apakah kau diingati,
jangan hendakkan, apakah kau dikehendaki?

si pemilih terlupa pada hati,
mungkin kerana terlalu pahit untuk diingati,
apakah tidak terlalu lambat untuk ini?
si pemilih bertanya sendiri,

akal selama ini terkunci,
kerana jiwa mengikut hati,
akal terkunci sepi,
mungkin salah, mungkin benar.. tidak pasti

kata orang,
ikut hati mati,
ikut rasa binasa,

ikut akal?

kenapa tidak dari dulu?

kitalah si pemilih

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's äLmÖ$t óVèR..

it's been a while (like 3 months?) since i wrote an entry for this blog. too busy with practicum would be my 1 & only excuse for not updating this dull blog..
there were so many things happened in the past few months that i can't tell all of them. practicum really teaches me what the real world is (sounds like si tenggang's homecoming, doesn't it?)
throughout practicum + being placed in Chinese school makes me realize the things i had overlooked before this.

things i learnt:
1) most of the theories given by seniors for practicum are not all applicable. you need to try them out first. the first two weeks of teaching was really a 'teacher' for me and i got to know my Ss better.

2) my friends & and i who have been placed at this school are really fortunate, i mean lucky as we get full cooperation from the administration of the school.

3) i am now more confident to speak (or should i say use) English in my daily life even though i know it's not as good as my friends'.

4) 1 Malaysia concept is really being practiced in the school and i'm sure our PM must be proud of it (if only he knows the exicstence of the school since it's very small) *i'm not going to be sued/prosecuted for writing this, am i?

5) your Ss are gonna like (and love) you more if you manage to prove that your lessons are more enjoyable than their permanent teachers. (most of my students beg me not to leave i that good? *bragging.huhu..)

6) there are many types of friends:
  • the one that really there when you need someone to talk to
  • the one that uses (or manipulates) you as they only remember (and realize your existence) when they are in desperate situation.
  • the one that you can never call even as a 'friend'
  • the one that never been there (even though you're hoping the person is there)
  • the one who still remember you and wants to share their problems as you share yours (thanks Wan.really appreciate it)
7) teachers at Chinese school bother more about their works and never looked at us head to toe as if we are committing any sins or wearing a clown suit. they are willing to give full cooperation if you need any help. and i like this very much.

thanks to all Teachers, Staffs as well as Administration of SMJK Chung Hwa, Klang..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

WöI, M@nGkÒk!!!

l*h*n*t pny org. ade ke patut gi curi kabel tipon kwsn p'umahan aku. dh kitorg dh x bleh nk wat & receieved fon call for 3 days. can u just imagine that!!

sbb ko r mangkok, 39 talian tipon kat kwsn p'umahan aku dipotong
sbb ko r mangkok, aku x bleh surf internet
sbb ko r mangkok,aku lambat tgk list posting prac di kala kwn2 aku smue dh tau. aku plak kne b'teka-teki.thanks to hani laily yg inform.
sbb ko r mangkok,aku x dpt cek emel & facebook
sbb ko r mangkok,kitorg x dpt b'hubung ngan dunia luar (bajet hp nk marah gak)

smue sbb ko mangkok si pencuri kabel. aku sumpah ko..... (perlu di'censored'kan)

mangsa si pencuri kabel tipon..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

NöW YóU Ç@N ËáRn m0ré..

it's easy.juz click on the link below. you will be directed to the website. register, answer surveys and promote the website to your friends. you can earn money juz by doing these few simple steps. what r u waiting for? juz click on it. you won't regret. trust me! it's as easy as ABC..
the link is:

xkan x nak duit kot.hehe.x yah bayar pun.FREE je..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

eF yoU si KaY!

kataku yg marah pd AF7. tibe2 je bw masuk si bdk cacat tu. dh r x tnjuk percentage undian masuk.tau2 je pengacara sebut "BERUK!!".silap2. "awook!".ntah ape2..

sian r kat sape2 yg undi org laen tu. wat habeh duit je. knyang diorg mkn duit rakyat Malaysia yg x brp cerdik..

moral of the story: jgn tgk realiti tv dah pasni.huhu..

*tajuk diubah bg memberikanksan yg lebih dramatik sesuai dgn rancangan realiti itu.huhu..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

HïDúP & PëNìPü@N..

hidup ni mmg pnuh ngan penipuan. yg peliknye, yg mnipu tu trus disokong. cam citer hindustan r. pemimpin yg tipu rakyat, disanjung & dipuja. org yg spatutnye jadi pemimpin, kena tindas & penjara + dihina. bnde ni sbnarnye realiti (ooppsss..x cakap kat mane eh.kang x psl2 aku kne tangkap plak.huhu)

yg aku nk kongsi adalah pnipuan yg dilakukan oleh 1 sykt tv swasta berbayar.ala,yg ade rncgn realiti plg glamour tu r. dh r nk undi kne byr, pastu bile org dh x undi & x laku dh diorg wat drama plak.nanges2 n wat plak undi masuk.klako btol.ditipunye idop2 rakyat Malaysia. dh r tu, siap nk bw msuk sorg lg pserta yg plg aku benci.haha.diorg rakyat Malaysia x bleh bace ke diorg nk masukkan aku.

aku tau org yg bace blog ni x m'undi utk rncgn tu. klu ade, korg hentikan r.bkn kite tau pun percentage tu btol ke x. lg 1, bile org undi masuk,tmbh lg r duit diorg.hebat tol r diorg ni. x cukup lg kot duit sewa org byr tiap2 bulan..

dh r tu, nk mnipunye.trima r knyataan org dh x tgk lg rncgn tu! aku dh bajet diorg wat cmni. dh aku tgk dari first season lg. tp msuk season 6, x tgk dah.pngacara x best! sekian r luahan @ bebelan dari aku..


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


as usual, today's microteaching went 'well'. having us (especially me) had made the lesson 'worked' according to the plan.hehe..
i'd no idea what has got into me. i was super duper hyperactive.perhaps bcoz i was too tired n sleepy. in order to get rid of these two 'imposters',i had to act that way. sori guys..
for my classmates,these are my messages for u guys..

tatie - simple microteaching. i like making 'weee...' sound
niza - good + nice microteaching
tajul - i'm learning to 'shut down' myself using my hp's keypad.hehe
nadiah, sya, rehan n jah - control ur pitching when saying 'ooo..'
ella - get well soon
nad - i was sleepy, i understand ur situation
nazri - sori, i thought u were sitting when u wanted to read ur answers.hehe
adib - log off..change user
jazlan - be more co-operative
jenny - u r so brilliant
amal - it's good to be with u in the same grup.huhu
syud - yes, my mulut is so 'longkang'.hehe
wan - let's go karaoke 2moro
aimi - slamat ari silap..happy deepavali..salah lg..hepi chap goh mei..tukar2..yg ni bru btol > merry christmas.haha

Monday, March 23, 2009

2 - 1 = 1week more maa..

when last week, someone said "next 2 weeks", it means next week for this week.hehe..
lega cheq sbb test mggu dpan..

pity Mr. Udaya Bhanu. b'lari2 dia m'dapatkan krtas soaln utk test next week.hmm..

saye suke classmateS saye..

Thursday, March 19, 2009


mmg slh tjuk lgu itu.
bile lg nk g karaoke nie..

msg to:

wan: jom g lg karok..
syud: laen kali pçaye r ckp aku dlm bab2 lagu Melayu nie..(aku brag)
pie: len kli nk tido blk umah.bkn kat tmpat karaoke jamban yg kecik itu.huhu..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

LäZy + NèS$ = Më

y am i so lazy?
dlm bahase melayunye..
nape aku malas?

mgkin sbb aku ltih,
mgkin sbb aku byk keje laen..

nk wat assignment malas,
nk wat itu malas, (aku malas nk describe ape mksud itu)
nk wat ini malas, (aku malas nk describe ape mksud ini)
nk tulis blog malas,
nk bce blog pun....malas..

ntah r,
malas nak pikir,
mmg malas,
dasar pemalas, (kutuk dri sndiri dan org yg standard je cam aku)

malas r nk tulis panjang2..

aku pun malas

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kö IñGäT áKü PèKäK C@M KÖ??!!

dh sbulan lebih x tulis entri bru.ttibe rse nk tulis sbb 1 pristiwa td yg cam G*MP*NG..

aku dtmani nazri bru blk dr JPJ.renew lesen aku yg mati tnpa ku sdari.
aku parking kat dpan flat umah aku.ttibe ade silap seorang mak cik tua yg rmbutnye ade kaler2 sket mmanggilku(prasan mude r tu).dialognye:

org tue x sdar dri (otxsd): dik, meh cni makcik yg x sdar dri ni nk ckp (ayt blkg tu aku tmbh)
aku pegi tnpa mngaetahui ape2.

otxsd: dik parking kat blkg bleh x?org dok flat parking kat blkg (ade tulis nme die ke kat dpan tu?) kat blkg tu helikoptr pun bleh parking (laki die prnah wat kot)

aku: xtau.sbb biase sng sket sbb nk g klas..

otxsd itu td trus m'bebel mncritakn ksusahan ank beranak die yg ade 5 bijik kete utk parking.
aku mnerime seadenye sbb aku jnis xksah klu org tgur.dh klu slh kite, kite trime je r..

tp yg aku saket ati, die nk ckp tengking2 n naek suare.aku PANTANG sket.nk tgur2, elok2 r..
c*lak*k pny org tua..

aku: ye tau r slh sy.mak cik jgn nk naek2 tau r (dgn high pitch mngalahkn nuor zeng)

pergaduhn yg hebat berlaku di antara kami (exaggerate sket).mak cik tu siap ugut klu aku park kat situ lg,akn t'jd ssuatu. takutnye aku.C*B*I r lu mak cik (aku pyh sket nk m'carut, tp ni dah mlampautp aku ckp dlm ati r.hehe..hormat gak otxsd tu)

aku pun blah smbil b'kate: jom Nazri! kite park kete kat blkg.

pngajarn: klu korg dtg kat umah aku,tlg park blkg.nnt family mak cik tu yg ade 5 bijik kete + sedare mare die yg mgkin ade 89 bijik lg, x dpt parking..

wak lu r mak cik.klu ckp elok2, bleh bernanah ke kmaluanmu itu?

klu korg t'tnye2 cmne rupe bntuk otxsd tu, aku xbleh r nk dexcribe sgt. tp cmni r lbeh kurg..


ni r rupe org tue tu.sound org & xnak dgr pnjelasan. woit! mak cik sarung r tudung d kpala tu sblm kain kapan mnyarungnye!

org yg bleh dkritik..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MiMpI..m@iNaN tIdO.. zZzZzZzZz..

rase lame plak cuti ni..

org ckp mimpi ni mainan tido.aku dh byk kali mimpi,tp mimpi smlm yg plg aku ingt..

aku gi 1 majlis kawen.tibe2 ade rmi bdk klas aku (U6D) - tetibe jek.smpi2, aku nmpak syud dlu (motif?).mgkin sbb aku kempunan nk mkn gulai tempoyak ikan patin die kot.huhu..

pastu nmpk nad & ella berpakaian kebaya + dress (aku bute fesyen) puteh yg lawa *baju tu yg lawa.huhu..

then dtg classmates2 yg laen sbg watak tempelan - adib, jenny & jazlan (dlm mimpi aku pun dtg berdue.pelik2..), niza, tajul, dan juge aimi. classmates2 yg laen, xnampak plak. kamera mimpi aku cam blur2 sket. nnt aku tukar lense die..

pastu aku t'perasan dlm mimpi tu rupenye aku dtg ngan nazri. jauh gak aku jln ke dpan dlm mimpi tu.huhu..

yg plh mngejutkan ialah pengantinnye..
dan pasangannye ialah seorg lelaki tampan & gagah ala2 lecturer creative writing kite dulu.huhu..

pastu aku terbangun.sempat gak r aku bg bbrapa tips pengantin baru kat pasangan yg romantik yg aku x bleh blah tatie pki baju n tudung x ubah cam pekerja BSN.huhu.sian.jimat kos kot.haha..

ape2pun, ni smue mimpi.xde kne mngene ngan yg idop atau pun yg telah meninggal apa lagi yg sedang pengsan..

yg nak kongsi mimpi..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

aKu & SeKaRaNg..

kejap je dah masuk 1430H dan tahun 2009M. cepat btol mase berlalu.untuk sem ni, aku ade wat business sket. jual kerepek. malam2 klu tgh study @ lepak2 ngan kawan2, mesti best klu ade bnde utk dikudap,kan? beli r kerepek pedas ni. best! gerenti menjilat bibir dan jari..
semua info dah tertulis di tepi. no. contact pun ade. ape2 hal, gitau je..

yang ke-2 nye,aku ade join 1 business ni.yang penting BUKAN MLM. dengan suka dan rela hatinya, aku nak ajak korang semua join gak r.kalau MLM, kita kayakan org atas (upline) kita, tapi business ni, kita bleh lagi kaya drpd upline kita. nak tau info lagi, contact aku @ Nazri. lagi best klu dpt sembang face to face. jmpe kat fac pun, ok.tak pun, kite lpak2 kat D.E. tny je kitorg.malu b'tanya, sesat jalan..

hamba Allah s.w.t yang nak tolong..