Saturday, July 31, 2010

chicken & ducks..

ever heard of Malay saying 'macam ayam ngan itik bercakap'. that is what always happens in my class, especially for BEL 011. and if any of them reading this, yes, i'm referring to you. it's so funny sometimes when i asked them in English, they would reply in Malay (with their state dialects, of course. luckily I could still understand it). i'm too tired of asking them to use English in my class. luckily there are still some of them who really try and make an effort to speak in English..


*in the process of downloading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. hopefully this movie would help reducing my stress..


WaWa said...

hahahaha! klakar gile. Takpe, teruskan bagi galakan kat diorang, nanti okey la tu.. :D

Aku dah tengok dah movie tu, ape-ape pon, buku masih the best! :p

~fiNdinG a VoiCe~ said...

nak tengok muvie tu mr firhan! ;p